Pashmina - The Pride of Ladakh
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LAHDC reviews Pashmina promotion scheme

I am very happy to hear that the LAHDC (Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council) is doing their best for the promotion of Pashmina wool and to review the progress of Pashmina Wool Development Scheme (PWDS) and Pashmina Promotion Programme (P3).

For more details check LAHDC reviews Pashmina promotion scheme published by Reach Ladakh.

If the local authorities really want to promote the Ladakhi Pashmina (Layna) than they should also take some serious step to stop the people or shopkeepers who are misleading the tourist on the name of Ladakhi Pashmina. If you go to the market you will find so many shops, I should say most of the shops are named or registered under the name of Pashmina even in the Hall of Fame you will find people sales machine made shawls as Ladakhi Pashmina, I met several tourist who where told strange stories about the Pashmina?

By shopkeepers they are confused with the word Pashmina! Like Pashmina you will see shawls made in Kullu are labelled as Yak wool! If things goes on like this than …………………?
Lets hope for the best!!!