Nomadic Woollen Mills
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Here we are…

online…after a very long waiting time. Our old website not really being state of the art anymore, it took quite an effort.

Due to our remote area, being most times of the year with little to no internet connection. Even phone connection abroad is not the best, to speak in a positive way. So we are very happy that Sirpa Mastall from Sirpa’s Welt supported us  over the years to move a step forward to a professional  online presence.

Sirpa is a frequent Ladakh traveller and loves the Ladakhi culture and has also a selling point of our handmade Cashmere Products in Düsseldorf.

Looking forward what the future has to bring. Be a bit patient as part of the site are still under construction but we are also planning an online shop after we have opened new big store with workshop in spring already.


Nawang Phtuntsog

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