About us


In 2009, I started a small-scale business manufacturing and selling Cashmere items before leaving the project in 2010 to work on my business full time. I was inspired to undertake this enterprise by the love I feel for the Nomads who raise these animals, the animals themselves, and the lands where they roam. Having grown up in a semi-nomadic family, I wanted to honor my heritage, hence the name, “Nomadic Woollen Mills”.

Producing the highest quality, 100% pure, Ladakhi Cashmere products is our highest priority. All our our Cashmere items are produced right here in Ladakh. We also carry some woollen products; the wool is from Ladakh, but it’s processed in Kashmir and Punjab. Eventually, as soon as it’s economically feasible, we will only carry local Ladakhi products.

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Nawang Phuntsog


I was born into a semi-nomadic family of farmers/herders in Teri village, 90 km east of Leh in the Changthang region that adjoins Tibet. Living at home with my parents and grandparents, I studied in the village school up to the fifth standard, caring for and herding our sheep and goats in my free time.

During my higher secondary schooling in Leh, I had the opportunity to travel around India and China for training in the various technologies related to Cashmere production (scouring, carding, spinning, weaving, etc.) This came up when the Ministry of Textiles in collaboration with the local Government was preparing to launch a Pashmina dehairing project in Leh.  After completing the training, I worked with the project for seven years as a technician.



I’m the sister of Nawang. I am a teacher and help from time to time, especially when Nawang is away collecting Pashmina from the Nomads or at any events.



I’m Nawangs’ wife, I was involved until our son was born. But due to working also as Pharmacist for the Government, there is not much time left any more to support my husband.



I’m the youngest team member, born in 2013. Since then life changed drastically for my parents Nawang & Jigmet ;-)

G.O.A.T. - Greatest of all times


I am GOAT – Greatest of all times, and without me there would be no Cashmere at all.