Benu MohanlalI first came across the Ladakhi pashmina shawls at Nawang’s stall at Dastkar’s Nature Bazaar in New Delhi. I was completely mesmerised by their natural beauty. I picked up an indigo shawl and it became my favourite piece. When the opportunity to visit Ladakh came my way the following year, I left no stones unturned to locate Nawang… I had to visit his shop, after all! And I wasn’t disappointed. Nor were my half a dozen other friends who accompanied me to his shop. His products are 100% natural and dyed in natural colours; his prices are very reasonable; and above all, it is a pleasure to interact with him. I met him again at Nature Bazaar recently where I was looking for presents to take abroad. Once again, I ended up doing all my shopping at his stall…shawls, stoles, scarves, caps. My friends, who were gifted with his products, were more than delighted with the superior quality and softness of the fabric. I recommend his shop to anybody looking for beautiful and genuine Ladakhi pashmina in their natural dyes. I wish Nawang all the best in all his ventures.Benu Mohan Lal


Linda CortrightMany of the shops in Leh carry the same items, however, Phuntsog is the only one that offers a selection of pashminas that are locally spun from the nomadic women. Everytime I visit Leh I make sure I visit Phuntsog and always leave with another bag of beautiful gifts to take home. He is truly the heart of Leh.” Linda Cortright – Publisher and Editor Wild Fibers Magazine


Laila TyabjiNawang Phuntsog has been coming to our DASTKAR crafts bazaars for over 4 years with his beautiful Ladakhi pashmina textiles. Starting nervously with just a few pieces, he has steadily built up a reputation in Delhi for his merchandise. His shawls, stoles and scarves combine subtle natural colours, beautiful weaves and textures, and a high quality of Pashmina wool. Good pricing, genuine products, innovative design, and Nawang’s own quiet but knowledgable personality make Nomadic Woollen Mills something craft lovers look forward to every winter.” Laila Tyabji – Founder of Dastkar


Nana Ziesche“I am a tourleader from Germany. Whenever I have groups, we usually go to Phuntsogs shop first to check wether he has some suiting products for shopping as his quality is best, prices are fair and also his manner to the customers is very fine. Once he told me his life-story and I am very impressed how hard-working he is – but always with a big smile in his face. You realise immediately that he loves what he is doing and that is worth a lot! Thanks a lot Phuntsog and I hope you never run out of dreams.” Nana Ziesche – owner of  Yangla Tours